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Bliss is thrilled to be partnering with Yard B, a film and motion graphics studio with heart.

Yard B is a film and motion graphics production studio. They help businesses and charities launch products, raise awareness and engage their teams with thoughtful, accessible video content. They do this directly with marketing teams and in partnership with digital and design agencies.

Reading Bliss' story is incredibly inspiring, and to help transform care for premature and sick babies over 40+ years is something we know has helped an immeasurable amount of families.

Lewis Darby - Yard B Founder

Having had two daughters born prematurely, Lewis Darby, founder of Yard B, has first-hand experience of life as a parent with a child in neonatal care and would like to support Bliss in the work that we do to support babies and their parents who are going through a similar experience.

Lewis' daughters were both born prematurely (10 and 9 weeks respectively) with both being effected in very different ways. His first daughter spent 92 days in hospital before taking her home. She faced many challenges, with a heart operation when she only weighed 4 pounds and 9 months of constant oxygen support and severe reflux stunting her growth.

His second daughter only needed 4 weeks in hospital and her time was far less eventful. Although she has since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, both her and her sister are both happy little girls and are doing very well.

We’re immensely proud that Yard B is becoming a partner of Bliss. We hope this partnership will go some way to supporting other parents and children on their journeys in the future.

Lewis Darby