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Bliss has been working in partnership with ChariSnack since 2017.

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ChariSnack are a healthy snacks and confectionery distributor who are a subsidiary of the Delicious ideas food group.

They provide individuals with the opportunity to run their own franchise with a recognised, established brand that sells a healthy and ethical product range, directly through a franchise network.

Franchisees sell a range of branded products from impactful self-service point of sale boxes located in workplaces, shops, leisure centres and other locations.

By joining ChariSnack, you will become part of a 40+ strong and growing team of franchisees across the UK, delivering confectionery and snacks to businesses in your exclusive territory.

At the heart of their operation is the charitable support they provide. To help raise funds to support babies and families throughout their neonatal experience, ChariSnack provide Bliss with a percentage of the sales from all products sold.