Multiple births

Triplets sleeping together in a cot attached to feeding tubes

​Babies in a multiple pregnancy are much more likely to experience some level of additional care in hospital after birth, known as ‘special’ or ‘neonatal’ care.

Sometimes one baby may be admitted to the neonatal unit, or transferred to another, while the other baby or babies are able to stay in the maternity unit.

It is perfectly natural in this situation to give your attention to the baby you are able to care for. This situation can create problems with visiting and establishing routines and it is normal to feel torn.

The staff should be able to support you in juggling your babies’ needs and provide the help you need to bond with them.

It may also be necessary to transfer you to a different hospital whilst you are pregnant, during labour or after delivery. This occurs if your local unit does not have spare cots, sufficient staff resources or cannot provide the level of care needed. It is important for families to be fully informed of their rights and choices. Find out more information about transfers.

Twins Trust in conjunction with Bliss have produced a guide to help prepare and support multiple birth parents, A Parent's Guide To Neonatal Care for Twins, Triplets and More.

Want more information about neonatal care for multiples? Visit Twin Trust's website, and read their guide.

The information on this page is more than two years old