Mother in a hospital chair with her baby in her arms with tubes attached

Feeding your baby on the neonatal unit can be different to what you had planned, but you can still find the best way of feeding for you and your baby. Find out more here.

It is important that staff on the neonatal unit show you how to feed your premature or sick baby and help to make sure they get the nutrition they need.

A lot of parents tell us that having a baby in neonatal care can sometimes make them feel detached from their baby, but that the process of feeding them can help to feel closer to their baby. For many, it helps them to feel confident and involved in their baby’s care.

It is common to feel unsure at times or that you might need some additional help and support. Whatever your experience, this section of the website has lots of information to help you feel more informed and confident about the different feeding methods that you may come across when your baby is born needing neonatal care.

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