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“Be kind to yourselves, take all the support you can get and accept help” - Elspeth’s and Craig’s story

Elspeth and Craig's identical twins Remy and Forrest were born at 29 weeks and five days. In their story, they share all the ups and down of their journey to bringing their boys home after 74 days in neonatal care.
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Ben 1

“I mostly felt sadness at the experience we had” – Ben’s story

November 29, 2023

Ben's son Reuben was born weighing just 868 grams. Ben hopes that neonatal parents will be encouraged to be open with their feelings and seek support…

Jack 1

“Every NICU journey is unique but never easy” - Jack’s story #ByYourSide

November 23, 2023

Jack’s twin boys were born at 32 weeks. For World Prematurity Day, he offers his advice to parents going through a neonatal experience and opens up…

Jemmy 1

“It’s incredibly important for both parents to be allowed time to heal and grieve.” - Jemmy’s story #ByYourSide

November 15, 2023

Jemmy’s daughter Winry Belle was born at 25 weeks while on a weekend trip to Amsterdam. In her story, Jemmy explains how she and her fiancé Dan’s…

Laura 1

“Elsie is our true miracle who has defied all odds” - Laura’s story #ByYourSide

November 09, 2023

Laura’s baby was due to be born in October 2020. However, at 27 weeks and four days, three months early, Elsie was born. For World Prematurity Day…

Jasmine in the incubator in 1997

“I love meeting people who also were born prematurely and supporting others” - Jasmine’s story #ByYourSide

November 08, 2023

Jasmine weighed just 2lb 10oz when she was born 11 weeks early in 1997. For World Prematurity Day 2023, we're celebrating everything she has achieved.

Dan 1

"Having a baby on a neonatal unit is the toughest thing I’ve ever gone through" - Dan's story #ByYourSide

November 03, 2023

Dan's baby girl Ayla was born 16 weeks early. For World Prematurity Day 2023, Dan shares how his neonatal journey impacted him, and what got him…

Iram's baby Adam in an incubator on the neonatal unit

“I remember seeing Adam for the first time and almost falling to my knees” - Iram’s story

October 24, 2023

Iram's baby boy Adam was born at 32 weeks. In her story, she recalls their 18-day NICU stay, and how feeding was their main obstacle.

Ryan 1

“Your baby is in the best hands possible” - Ryan’s story

October 12, 2023

Ryan's son Freddie is currently receiving neonatal care after being born prematurely at 28+6. In his story, Ryan shares Freddie's rollercoaster…

Keeley 1

“I want people to have hope, especially parents who have lost one of their twins” - Keeley’s story

October 11, 2023

For Baby Loss Awareness Week 2023, Keeley shares her experience of having twins, Arlo and Avi, born at 23+3 weeks.

Hannah 1

“I didn't get much support in the hospital with my disabilities and struggled physically” - Hannah’s story

October 05, 2023

Hannah shares her experience of having a baby born prematurely, as a disabled mum. Her baby boy Kohan was born at 34 weeks and is now eight months…

Katherine 2

How NICU accommodation made the world of difference to my baby’s neonatal stay – Katherine’s story

September 11, 2023

Katherine’s daughter Alice was born at full term and very sick. Alice needed urgent care and was transferred to a level three unit over 42 miles…

Alexis Gareth Zara and Jasper

130 days in hospital care: Alexis and Gareth’s story

July 27, 2023

In October 2019, at 23 weeks and five days, Alexis went to her local hospital because she was experiencing pains. As a small island, Guernsey’s…

Elspeth 1

“Be kind to yourselves, take all the support you can get and accept help” - Elspeth’s and Craig’s story

July 18, 2023

Elspeth and Craig's identical twins Remy and Forrest were born at 29 weeks and five days. In their story, they share all the ups and down of their…

Charlotte 1

Appendicitis in pregnancy – Charlotte’s story

July 05, 2023

Charlotte went into hospital at 31 weeks with severe tummy pain in her right-hand side, which turned out to be appendicitis. In her story, Charlotte…

Anna 1

"She is a born fighter and such a strong little girl" - Anna's story

June 22, 2023

Anna's daughter Millie was born at 26+3 weeks and spent 72 days in neonatal care. Anna explains the ups and downs of their NICU journey and shows why…

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“You can go through every emotion in a few hours” - Luke’s story

June 14, 2023

Luke’s daughter Edie was born at 25 weeks and five days. For Father’s Day, Luke shares more about their journey and offers his advice to other…


“Leaving the unit everyday would break my heart” – Bhavini and Anand’s story

June 13, 2023

Bhavini and Anand’s baby boy Sai was born at 24 weeks and four days and spent 102 days on the NICU. Now Sai is a thriving one-year-old.

Joanne 1

“I’ve met so many different children with brain damage or other complex issues. Not one child is the same” - Joanne’s story

May 30, 2023

Joanne’s son Evan was born at 29 weeks. Whilst in neonatal care, the doctors found cysts on Evan’s brain, and extensive brain damage. Evan is now…

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