Give or fundraise in celebration

Baby asleep lying on their front holding onto parent's finger

Celebrations are the perfect opportunity to raise funds to support babies born premature or sick.

Donate your birthday

Celebrate your birthday in a meaningful way this year by setting up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for Bliss. It's simple and straightforward to do, inviting friends and family to celebrate your birthday whilst directly helping the 90,000 babies born premature or sick in the UK each year.

Celebrate your child with a Sunshine Fund

It's a real cause for celebration when a baby thrives after a difficult start. You can set up a Sunshine Fund in their name and help other babies who were born premature or sick and in need of neonatal care. Your fund can be used to collect donations and to raise money from events such as bake sales or marathons.

Other ways you can give

There are many other ways you can choose to support Bliss and raise awareness of babies born premature or sick. Whether you have a wedding an anniversary or another special occasion coming up please consider asking for donations as part of your celebration.

For ideas or more information about fundraising in celebration, please contact us at