Open a Sunshine Fund in your child's name

Mother lifting up her baby daughter playfully

You can celebrate your child overcoming a difficult start in life by creating a Sunshine Fund in their honour.

A Sunshine Fund is a meaningful way for you and your loved ones to celebrate your child’s life by making a big difference to other babies and their families.

Every donation made to your child’s Sunshine Fund will help babies who, just like your child, were born sick or premature and in need of neonatal care.

Celebrate your child with a Sunshine Fund

It’s a real cause for celebration when a baby thrives after a difficult start. Set up a Sunshine Fund in their name and help other babies born premature or sick.
Create your Sunshine Fund

Kate, Holly and Jessica's Sunshine Fund

When Anna’s triplet daughters were born at 28 + 4 weeks of gestation, Kate, Holly and Jessica were admitted to NICU.
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Kate, Holly and Jessica as small children, in a playground in a woodland