Payroll Giving

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​Give a little through your pay, make a big difference to the UK’s most vulnerable babies.

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a hassle-free way to give to Bliss, straight from your pay.

Because your donation is taken from your pay before tax is deducted, it costs you less to give the same amount. For example, a £10 donation to Bliss only costs you £8 from your take-home pay.

You can set up your gift by filling in this simple payroll giving form.

We’ll get in touch with your employer and set up the payments. You can change or stop your donation at any time – just ask your employer.

Why support Bliss through Payroll Giving?

Payroll giving is a tax-efficient and hassle-free way to support babies born premature or sick. It's the perfect way for time-poor adults to help poorly babies, because we understand that not everyone has time to trek Hadrian’s wall, bake a cupcake or volunteer at a local unit.

Once you’ve filled in this payroll giving form we do all the work for you, and every time you get paid you will help to care for the UK’s most vulnerable babies and their families. You don’t even need to provide your bank details!

What is more, Payroll Giving has very low admin costs for Bliss, which means your donation goes even further.

I knew I wouldn't miss a small amount every month but over the year it would all add up and over many years it would really make a difference!

Helen, who has given to Bliss through her pay for 5 years

How does my gift cost me less?

We know that it can be confusing that Payroll Giving donations cost you less.

The reason for this is that your donation is taken from your pay before tax is applied. This means that a smaller amount of your income is subject to tax.

To help you understand, here is a highly simplified explanation (which ignores other pay deductions like your National Insurance Contribution, pension contributions and student loan repayments):

With payroll giving

Without payroll giving

Gross pay



Payroll giving donation



Taxable pay



Tax (20%)



Take home pay



Cost of your donation to you



Find out more about the tax breaks associated with Payroll Giving.