Financial information

Dad holding a baby smiling looking down at baby with mum alongside also looking at the baby

Having a new born baby in special care brings a lot of extra expense, including travel costs, parking, extra child care and missed days at work. Take a look through our information for support on this.

Bliss recognises this dilemma is faced by many parents. Although we are unable to provide financial support, we can signpost you to several other resources.

Some help is available to most families even if you are working. It is important to ensure that you are receiving all the assistance and entitlements available to help you through this difficult time.

In this section you will find basic facts about the benefits or assistance families can receive, whether you might be eligible to claim, and where you can find more information.

For the latest information on benefits, go to GOV.UK or visit the Turn 2 Us website where they may be able to help you access further benefits and grants.

Most of the important information applies across the UK, but some of it is specific to England.

If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, entitlements may vary. Although the information in this section is correct at the time of writing, benefits are always subject to change.