Campaign for change

Premature baby in hospital wearing wool hat and attached to tubes holding parent's finger

The time babies spend on a neonatal unit and the care they receive are vital to determining their long-term development.

We are committed to ensuring consistent, high-quality care is available to every premature or sick baby who needs it so they have the best chance of survival and quality of life.

We do this by campaigning to ensure babies and parent voices are at the heart of decision-making and their best interests are always put first.

Through bold, evidence-based campaigns such as our work to give parents access to paid time away from work when they need it, we are able to shine a light on the issues affecting care for babies and win change.

In partnership with parents and professionals we aim to secure changes in policy, investment and standards of care for premature and sick babies, and make a real and lasting difference to neonatal services across the UK.

Over the next three years, we will campaign for change by:

  • Influencing national and local policy to improve staffing, systems and investment in neonatal care
  • Supporting neonatal units and healthcare professions to deliver the best care
  • Using evidence to inform real-life improvements in babies' care
  • Ensuring parent voices are present throughout

The information on this page was last updated on 3 April 2024.