What is FICare?

Mum holding baby on her chest while dad holds feeding tube in the air above baby

Family Integrated Care (FICare) is a model of neonatal care which promotes a culture of partnership between families and staff.

The FICare model enables and empowers parents to become confident, knowledgeable and independent primary caregivers.

FICare ensures that parents, baby and wider family members can be a family as soon as possible; creating space for necessary medical care whilst facilitating the nurturing bond and love that only they can provide for their baby.

FICare builds on the foundations of Family Centred Care (FCC), the core principles of which are defined in the Bliss Baby Charter and supported by extensive research.

FICare is a natural extension of FCC, progressing from family involvement in care to supporting them as equal partners in the care team and primary caregivers.

FICare in the UK

The British Association for Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) released the BAPM framework for practice in 2021, which describes the model of FICare and outlines the benefits for babies, families and staff.

Imperial College have developed an app to support the delivery of FICare.

FICare abroad

Family Integrated Care is an internationally recognised ethos of care. One of the earliest adopters of FICare was in Toronto, Canada. Their FICare website features useful resources and stories about their experience.