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Bliss has been working in partnership with Fundraise Together (formerly East London Textiles Ltd) since 2014.

With over 70 years’ industry experience, Fundraise Together is a company specialising in the recycling of used clothing, shoes and other household items.

Fundraise Together provide a door-to-door collection service for individuals wishing to recycle clothing, where each item being recycled will go towards helping Bliss. This is an ongoing, highly successful partnership.

Fundraise Together are committed to recycling and green initiatives; they have established comprehensive links with Africa, Europe and Asia to reduce world waste, and help people across the world with affordable good quality clothing.

It is estimated that around 300,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in household bins every year with around 80% of this incinerated and 20% sent to landfill. 16% of people still dispose of their unwanted clothing by throwing it in the bin.

Our recycling collection services provide the opportunities for charities and the general public to dispose of more of its used clothing and household items in an environmentally friendly way, whilst supporting British charitable causes.

Fundraise Together's collections generate more than £6 MILLION for British charities every year.

Check out Fundraise Together's website for more information about their service.

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