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Bliss champion on a unit talking to parents with mum holding the baby

Find out about how you can support parents with a baby on the neonatal unit through our Bliss Champion volunteering role.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Bliss. We are not currently recruiting any new Bliss Champion Volunteers but please check back here and on our social media.

There are plenty of other ways that you can support our work and get involved through campaigning and fundraising.

What are Bliss Champions?

Bliss Champions volunteer on neonatal units to help families of premature and sick babies access the information and support services that we provide.

As an organisation, we aim to ensure that families with a baby on a neonatal unit for more than 24 hours have access to our resources and support.

Bliss Champions help us make this possible and provide a key link between neonatal units and Bliss services. This can be everything from making sure units are well stocked with our resources to advertising our services and encouraging parents and staff to get involved with our work.

Please note Bliss Champions are not involved in the care for the babies on units.

For more information, read the full Bliss Champion volunteer role description.

Bliss Champion role description

For more information about the Bliss Champion volunteering role, please download the role description (PDF).

Who can be a Bliss Champion?

If you have at least two hours to give a week, the ability to a visit local neonatal unit, a passion for what we do and the desire to support families, then you can be a Bliss Champion.

Our Champions don’t necessarily have first-hand experience as a parent of a sick or premature baby.

However all of them understand the emotional and practical pressures this can bring and are united in the desire to ensure that families receive support when they need it most.

Our Bliss Champion network

As a Bliss Champion, you will be part of our national network of volunteers and your staff contact at Bliss will put you in touch with other volunteers in your area.

Although you will be the named contact for the unit you are working with, there may be a local network of Independent Family Groups in your area. We encourage you to work in partnership with them and signpost parents to other Bliss services.

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Linda is a Bliss volunteer on the neonatal unit at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

We spoke to her to find out more about how she helps families of babies born premature or sick and why being a Bliss Champion is so important to her.
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Bliss Champion Linda playing with two boys outside with trees in the background