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Christmas office

December can be a dark and cold month so give your friends and family something to look forward to.

Help support babies born premature or sick by organising a fundraising party. Check out our guide for holding a holding a ball or party, or if you're holding a virtual party, we have tips for organising your own virtual event.

However you plan to celebrate, below are some simple ideas to turn your event into a fabulously festive fundraiser.

Festive games

Games are a great way to get the party started! Play some games, make them festive themed and have fun! Ask your friends to donate a small fee to play, and think about a prize for the winner. Some ideas include:

  • Christmas Charades
  • Festive Bingo
  • The Fishbowl game ( you could use festive films, food, whatever you like)


Hold a raffle and feature festive prizes – Christmas socks, a novelty tie, a packet of baubles. Email if you would like a letter of verification to help your source some great prizes. Alternatively, make your own prizes if you are feeling creative!


Host a quiz at the party and ask for a small donation as an entry fee. Include festive questions such as :

  • Name all of Santa’s reindeer
  • Who played Elf in the film of the same name?
  • Who organised the original recording of the classic Christmas hit ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?'?

You could have a 'Bliss' round. Just email and ask us for some Bliss themed questions. We'll be happy to support your festive fundraiser.

Online Fundraising page

If you don’t want to have organised activities, simply set up a Just Giving page. Ask your friends to donate to your page if they would like to join the party.

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