Fundraising inspiration

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Don’t feel restrained by the classic charity fundraisers, step out of your comfort zone or use an unusual hobby to fundraise. See below for a few examples of some unique and succesful fundraising ideas.


Scott Colston whose son Sam was born premature due to his wife Gillian developing HELLP Syndrome during pregnancy organised a 12 hour 'curlathon' at Dundee Ice Arena.

The event involved a “12 hour” team who played six 2 hour curling games back to back against 6 different local teams from 10am to 10pm.

The ice was donated by Dundee Ice Arena and players donated their Ice Fees to Bliss. Friends, family and colleagues of the players were also invited to make donations.

On the day, there was a raffle and a bake sale. Signed Scotland Curling tops were also auctioned. (Photo credit - Evening telegraph)

six people in Bliss t-shirts and colourful trousers with their curling equipment and Bliss balloons

Beard Shave

Dave shaved off his beard for Bliss raising over £1,000. Take a look at his boys' reaction to seeing their dad without his beard for the first time below.

Puddle Ducks

Puddle Ducks Sutton Coldfield, who provide baby, toddler and children’s swimming lessons, spent a week holding pyjama parties where the swimmers and parents wore their pyjamas in the pool.

Donations to Bliss were made via an online giving page and money collected during lessons.

This event tied into their programme of teaching lifesaving skills and promoting water safety, as well as being a great way to raise money.

Children with their parents in a swimming pool wearing pyjamas

The Great Mile

Ben told us more about the challenge he took on with his friends this September: “1300 miles, 4 days, 44 hours on a motorbike, just 2 pub lunches, countless petrol stops, wrong turns, near-misses and a lot of laughter, we rode from Castle of Mey (the most northerly point in the UK) to Lizard Point (the most southerly), all around the west coast of Britain.”

Man next to Motorbike with Mountains in background


An event held by the Birmingham University Yoga Society that combined their yoga session with UV lights and glow sticks. A fantastic turn out with all participants making a donation to the charity chosen.

lady sitting in cross legged yoga position with lights and UV glow sticks

Bee Beard

Ben suspended a queen bee from his chin, encouraging the worker honey bees to surround her and swarm onto his chin. The biggest achievement is that Ben didn’t get stung once!

Man with bees swarming around his chin

George Michael Tribute

Nicola got her friends together to celebrate the life of musician George Michael. By selling tickets and holding a raffle Nicola raised over £1,500 for Bliss.

two ladies posing with a George Michael tribute singer

Feel inspired?

If you have been inspired to fundraise for Bliss after reading about these amazing fundraisers, click on the link below to email the Bliss Events Team. Let us know if you have an idea or need further help deciding and we can support you every step of the way. We look forward to hearing from you!
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