How to hold a football fundraiser

group of football players posing together

Fundraiser Remy held a football match in memory of her younger brother Jacob. Remy, her family and friends raised an incredible £2,900 for Bliss at the event. We asked Remy for her tops tips for this event and her insights are below.

How did you get the teams together?

The teams were made up of Jakes family and the opposition was friends. All ages took part, some who will be around the age Jake would have been, and some the ages of my parents and siblings.

Did you have help organising the event?

Yes, plenty! My mum, sister and 2 friends helped on the gate and car parking. My step-mum and grandparents ran the raffle stool. The club organised all the food and drinks. I also had help to organise the logistics. It was a big team effort!

How did you raise money?

We charged for attendees and we opened a JustGiving page for general donations.

What costs did you have?

We were fortunate that we had no costs. Everyone who helped volunteered and the club donated their services.

Who did you invite?

We made a Facebook event and posters for social media- it was a public event. We invited specific people too.

Is there anything important that you need to consider before holding this sort of event?

No, all the stress is 1000000% worth it!

Why Bliss?

Bliss is a charity my family holds very close to our hearts. The event was in memory of my brother Jacob, who would have been celebrating his 15th birthday on the date of the match. Bliss supported my family throughout Jake being unwell and after his death.

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