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#IWishIdKnown how strong my baby is - Emma's story

Emma's son Leo was born at 28+2 weeks. She describes what she wished she had known about pregnancy, premature birth and the strength of her son.
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Mother’s Day on the NICU – Nicola’s story

March 09, 2018

Nicola talks about what it was like to spend Mother's Day on the unit, and how connecting with her own mother helped.

Transferred to deliver my twins - Claire's story

March 02, 2018

Claire talks about the difficulties of being transferred to a neonatal unit far from home and the support she received from a Bliss Champion.

'Mystery George' - Laura's story

February 23, 2018

Laura's baby George spent 73 days in the neonatal unit, where health professionals struggled to diagnose his condition.

My husband delivered our baby - Gina's story

February 16, 2018

At 32 weeks Gina's waters broke suddenly, and her husband had to deliver their baby at home.

Pre-eclampsia and our twins' early delivery - Emily's story

February 09, 2018

Emily had a difficult pregnancy with her twins, and gave birth to them at 33 weeks after showing signs of pre-eclampsia. Read her story here.

Trusting my instinct about my baby's movements saved her life - Laura's story

February 02, 2018

Laura came to the hospital after feeling reduced movement from her baby at 36+6 weeks. This decision saved her baby's life.

My pre-eclampsia and emergency c-section - Vicky's story

January 28, 2018

Vicky knew something was wrong when she began experiencing severe nausea during her pregnancy.

Our biggest surprise - Laura's story

January 12, 2018

Laura found out her daughter wasn't growing enough, and at 34 weeks she had an emergency c-section - only to discover her baby was actually a boy.

How neonatal care affects mental health - Alexandra's story

January 05, 2018

The traumatic experience of seeing her son resuscitated after birth had an impact on Alexandra's mental health.

30 years since SCBU - Rowena's story

December 29, 2017

Thirty years on, Rowena shares her experience giving birth to her daughter Tara at 32 weeks and the postnatal depression that followed.

Bliss' top six alternative fundraisers in 2017

December 21, 2017

Take a look at Bliss' top six unusual fundraisers of 2017.

An extremely early arrival - Ffion's story

December 20, 2017

Ffion's son, Oliver, was born just before 24 weeks, facing many ups and downs during his stay in three different hospitals.

Coping with neonatal care - Laura's story

December 14, 2017

Laura talks about her journey through neonatal care and the difficulties of going home without her baby at night.

My spontaneous labour - Jenna's story

December 08, 2017

Jenna gave birth to her twins Caleb and Ciaran at 31 weeks after going into spontaneous labour. Here she tells us about her journey in neonatal care.

'Prematurity doesn't end at discharge' - Coady's story

December 01, 2017

After developing pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome, Coady gave birth by emergency c-section prematurely.

My battle for better financial support for families - Mark's story

November 28, 2017

Mark Griffin is the Labour MSP for Central Scotland. He supports Bliss Scotland's campaign to highlight the costs faced by families in neonatal care.

Our daughter's palliative care - Laura's story

November 24, 2017

Laura gave birth to her daughter 39+1 weeks suffering severe brain damage. Sadly, Lylah-Rose passed away at eight-weeks-old.

Giving birth in Cyprus - Freyja's story

November 16, 2017

Freyja and her husband were living in a British military base in Cyprus when she gave birth to her daughter Holly by emergency c-section.