Introduction to a neonatal unit

Mum and nurse with their hands through an incubator touching a baby

Watch a series of five videos which will introduce you to life on a neonatal unit.

You can understand more about neonatal units by watching the videos below. The videos cover an introduction to neonatal units, entering a unit for the first time, how you can be involved with your baby's care, support provided by Bliss and going home.

Please note that Bliss helpline, which features in these videos, is no longer an active Bliss service. If you need support, please email us on

An introduction to a neonatal unit

The first video in the series gives an introduction to the unit.

Entering a neonatal unit

The second video looks at entering the neonatal unit for the first time.

How you can get involved

The third video explains how you can be involved in your baby's care.

Support for families

The fourth video looks at support from Bliss.

Going home

The fifth and final video covers going home from the neonatal unit.