Principle 6

Baby breastfeeding with mum smiling down at baby



Breast milk expression and breastfeeding are actively promoted, and mothers receive appropriate information and practical support to achieve successful lactation.

Relevant health professionals are equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills to facilitate and support lactation following a preterm birth.

This principle considers how mothers are supported by trained professionals to establish breastfeeding and understand its benefits. Focus is also placed on the equipment and facilities that are available to facilitate successful breastfeeding. It is important that units also recognise the role the partner plays here and provide support to mothers that cannot breastfeed.

Here are some examples of good practice:

Dads and breastfeeding (standard 6.1e)

Thames Valley and Wessex Neonatal Network

The network have introduced a poster for dads to highlight the key role that they can play in supporting breastfeeding and, specifically, what they can do to help their partner. The poster also emphasises the benefits of breastfeeding.

Journey to breastfeeding (standard 6.1)

The Jessop Wing, Sheffield

The unit have developed a 'Journey to breastfeeding' poster, to inform and support parents through the stages towards establishing successful feeding.

Baby feeding cue signs (standard 6.2a)

Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

The neonatal unit at Portsmouth have developed a visual aid for parents to recognise the early, mid and late feeding cues of their baby.