Meet the Bliss team

Baby in incubator asleep

The Bliss Baby Charter team are on hand to help you every step of the way on your Bliss Baby Charter Journey

Baby Charter Project Lead - Holly Sullivan

Holly Sullivan

The Bliss Baby Charter Project Lead role involves leading on the delivery and direction of the Bliss Baby Charter, supporting units so that they are best equipped to successfully undertake the project. This includes managing the Bliss Baby Charter team, coordinating assessment visits and making sure that all neonatal stakeholders, networks and external organisations are engaging with the Bliss Baby Charter.

Baby Charter Project Officers - Nathan Ward & Anna Moore

At Bliss our Baby Charter Officers provide ongoing support for the delivery of our Baby Charter. This involves engaging units with the Bliss Baby Charter and promoting its benefits, whilst offering direction and guidance to units undertaking the project. They also lead on our impact project to record and assess the great work going on in the Bliss Baby Charter.

Bliss Scotland Baby Charter Officer - Charis Samuels

Charis 3

I provide direct support and guidance to neonatal units across Scotland with the Bliss Baby Charter, our flagship programme which aims to improve outcomes for babies by ensuring that parents are involved in the care of their baby. I organise workshops for units, Chair the Scottish Progression group, and also edit the bi-monthly Bliss Baby Charter e-comms.