Principle 3

Specialist equipment being loaded into the back of an ambulance for transportation

Specialist services


Babies receive the nationally recommended level of specialist care in the nearest specialist unit to the baby’s family home. Parents actively participate in providing comfort and emotional support to their baby.

Transfer leaflet for parents (standard 3.3)

Greater Manchester Neonatal Network

Units within the Greater Manchester neonatal network provide parents with an information leaflet about travelling in the ambulance with their baby. This is designed to provide parents with information about what to expect during the transfer, including guidance on the equipment used, the alarms and how parents will be kept informed.

Network infographic map (standard 3.2, 3.3 as well as 5.1h)

Southern West Midlands Neonatal Network

The transport team at Southern West Midlands Neonatal Network have created an infographic network map for parents, with contact information of the ten hospitals within the network. This is a good example of a multidisciplinary approach to care delivery. It shows the transport team and the neonatal units working together across the network to ensure that the family is well informed and supported at every stage.