Bake for Bliss - thank you gifts

Cake with slice taken out and smarties tumbling out from the middle

We can't thank our Bake for Bliss fundraisers enough for helping to raise funds for babies born premature or sick, but we can send them our little thank you gifts.

How to get a thank you gift

These special gifts are a small token of our appreciation on behalf of the 90,000 babies born premature or sick each year.

Raise £75

If you raise £75 or more, you'll receive a Bliss star baker fridge magnet.

Raise £300

If you raise £300 or more, you'll receive the above and a Bake for Bliss branded tea towel.

Gifts can only be sent to fundraisers who have raised and sent their money in under their own name. We recommend each fundraiser sets up their own fundraising page.

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