Bake for Bliss at work

Lady wearing Bliss t-shirt standing behind a table of cakes and bunting and balloons behind, and table decorated with Bliss logo

Make a difference to the lives of babies born premature or sick by organising a Bake for Bliss event at work.

How can my workplace get involved?

Any business can take part in Bake for Bliss. You can hold a classic bake sale if you are back in the office or if you have remote colleagues, you can organise a virtual bake event.

Get organised

Ask the boss. Get permission first and remember to share why Bliss is a cause close to your heart.

Logistics. Choose the date, time and venue. If your bake event is virtual, choose your platform. If you would like to take part in Bake for Bliss week, hold your bake event from 14th - 20th March 2022.

Spread the word. Let everyone know when and where they can buy bakes. You could edit our invite poster and share via email, your staff intranet and/or social media channels.

Bake, bake, bake. Ask your colleagues to contribute baked sweet or savoury treats to the sale.

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Boost the funds raised for babies born premature or sick

There are so many ways to raise money at your Bake for Bliss event in addition to selling yummy treats.

Match Funding

Ask your employer if they offer a match funding scheme. You could potentially double the amount raised from your sale!

Get competitive

Hold a Bake Off competition with a star baker prize. Charge a small fee for those who wish to compete, judge or taste the treats!


Sell raffle tickets alongside your yummy treats. Baked goods could be the prize, or you could ask for donations from local businesses or business partners.

We can provide you with a letter of verification. Just ask us for one.

Games galore

Fun and simple games are a really great way to raise some extra funds for Bliss at your bake event.

Some examples are guess the weight of the cake and guess how many sweets are in the jar.

Just Giving page

Having an online fundraising page is always a great way to boost your fundraising total.

If you are holding a virtual event, a donations page is especially important as it is easy to share on most platforms.

Set up your Just Giving page.


Take part in Bake for Bliss

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