Bake for Bliss at school

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Schools are a great place to hold a Bake for Bliss event and raise vital funds to help support premature and sick babies.

How to plan your event

Are you a student, parent or teacher? Anyone can organise a school Bake for Bliss event, but please ask for the school's permission first.

Get organised

Once you have the go-ahead, pick the date, time and venue of your bake sale. Popular school bake sale venues have been the school hall and the playground.

Recruit bakers

Ask for volunteer bakers to bake and donate to the sale.

The more bakers, the more bakes, and all the more funds raised to help support vulnerable babies.

Recruit volunteers

Think about the help you will need on the day.

You might need help to set up the event, serve the customers and/or to count the money raised at the end of the day.

Spread the word

Give everyone plenty of notice about the Bake for Bliss event.

Make sure everyone knows when and where to buy the baked goods.

Use our Bliss invite poster, newsletters and/or morning announcements to spread the word.

Sign up to Bake for Bliss

When you sign up you'll receive your free Bake for Bliss fundraising pack, which will help make your event a huge success.

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Raise the dough!

Below are some hints and tips for raising as much money as possible from your school Bake for Bliss event.

Set up a Just Giving page

This way, parents, teachers and students can still donate to the fundraiser even if they can't make it on the day.

Create your Just Giving page.

Hold a teacher Bake-Off competition

Teachers bake and students judge! Charge a small fee for taking part. You could even organise a sweepstake to guess which teacher will be the star baker.

Encourage some healthy competition

Each class could do their own bake event. Which bake sale can raise the most money? Offer a prize to the winning team.

Put the 'fun' in fundraising

Offer fun games such as guess the weight of the cake or guess how many sweets are in the jar. Pay to play and the winner takes home the cake or jar of sweets.

Hold a non-uniform day

Why not make that bake sale even more exciting. Students donate £1 or £2 to ditch the uniform for the day.