Top tips and downloads for Bake for Bliss

Take a look at our top tips and downloads to help you with your Bake for Bliss fundraiser

Every year we call on our supporters to Bake for Bliss and hold a bake sale to raise lots of dough for babies born premature or sick.

Top tips for having a Bake for Bliss sale

Depending on where you are in the UK, there will different ways you can raise some dough for Bliss this year. Make sure that you are aware of the guidelines to be followed in your local area.

Here are some different ways of doing your Bake for Bliss fundraiser if you can't have a traditional bake sale event indoors:

  • Deliver cakes to your friends' doorsteps.
  • Have an outdoor bake sale in your garden (if you have one) with time slots for friends or family.
  • Host a virtual coffee and cake by video call.
  • Teach your friends how to bake via Facebook or Instagram live.
  • Follow this step by step guide on how you can livestream a video to your JustGiving page.

Our bakers often share their top tips for hosting a great Bake for Bliss sale. These are our favourites:

  • Ask your work place for a contribution - mine were very generous
  • Ask for help. So many people baked I didn't need to bake anything myself
  • Have a variety of cakes, including dairy-free and gluten-free options
  • Take wrap and packaging for cakes
  • You can never have enough chocolate
  • Local businesses may donate cakes
  • Host a competition - a raffle, guess the number of sweets in a jar etc

Get in touch

We are here to help! If you have any questions after signing up for Bake for Bliss you can e-mail our events team:

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Useful downloads

Make your bake sale a recipe for success with our colourful bunting and cake labels

Bake for Bliss bunting - celebrate and decorate your bake sale with our bunting

Bake for Bliss cake labels - show off all your goodies and let everyone know what they might want to buy

Bake for Bliss collection jar labels - upcycle a jam jar to become your donation jar

Bake for Bliss Gift Aid form - make sure your donations can go even further with Gift Aid