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LGBT Mummies' sole purpose is to ‘Educate, Support and Advocate’ LGBT+ women and people globally on the path to motherhood or parenthood.

LGBT Mummies are passionate about campaigning for LGBT+ family equality and positive policy change.

They do this through their ongoing recommendations, training and work with the UK Government, the NHS and other organisations, to ensure equity and equality for LGBT+ families across healthcare, law and society.

They act as a central source of support and a safe haven, by providing information, guidance and knowledge of the different paths to parenthood through their website, social channels and support groups.

They work tirelessly to inspire people worldwide on their journey to motherhood or parenthood, whilst working to normalise and celebrate their families in society, in turn creating a more inclusive future for their children.

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There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you become a mother or parent. Nothing after that moment, ever comes close.

LGBT Mummies