Black Mums Upfront

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Black Mums Upfront is a London-based collective of Black mothers, who aim to change the narrative of Black motherhood and make motherhood feel more inclusive.

Black Mums Upfront (BMU) is a community for sharing, discussing, supporting, and laughing with other mums through shared experiences, with the aim of both supporting and empowering women.

Black Mums Upfront are on a mission to bring black mums into the conversation and make them feel seen, heard, understood and supported.

They are passionate about challenging racial stereotypes of motherhood, making motherhood inclusive and tackling head-on issues of inequality and disproportionality.

BMU believe in supporting black mothers to thrive and where possible, raise awareness, campaign, and advocate for mother’s rights and social issues.

We stand with BMU in believing all Black mothers need to be heard, seen and valued. Get to know them more by listening to the Black Mums Upfront podcast where they give insight into their experience of modern-day motherhood - with top tips, inspirational guests, insightful topics, eye-opening honesty, and lots of laughter.

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