Support for medical conditions and disabilities

Baby in hospital bed wearing protective eye coverings with monitors attached to its chest.

These organisations provide information and support for people affected by specific medical conditions and disabilities.

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Brain and Spine Foundation provides information on injury or damage to the brain, spine or nerves

British Lung Foundation provides support and information about lung conditions

British Heart Foundation provides information about heart conditions

Cerebra Foundation provides support for children and young people with brain conditions

Cleft Lip and Palate Association provides information and support services for those affected by cleft lip and palate

Genetic Alliance UK is an alliance of over 200 patient organisations, many of which are condition specific UK charities and support groups who exist to support children, families, individuals and carers

National Deaf Children's Society provide information and support for children born deaf and their families

NEC UK is a parent-led organisation offering support to families affected by NEC at any stage of their journey

Peeps HIE provides support to parents, families & friends of those affected by hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE)

Rare Disease UK provides a united voice for the rare disease community

The Royal Society for Blind Children supports blind and partially sighted children and young people, and their families

Shine provides specialist advice and support for spina bifida and hydrocephalus across England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland support and information to those affected by these conditions in Scotland

The Stroke Association provides support and information about childhood strokes

Swan UK - SWAN UK (syndromes without a name) is the only dedicated support network available for families of children and young adults with undiagnosed genetic conditions in the UK. It is run by the charity Genetic Alliance UK