Other family and friends

Having a baby in neonatal care can also be a difficult time for other family members and friends too. Find out how Bliss can help and how family and friends can also provide support.

Grandparents, aunties and uncles, or friends of the family are often keen to support the baby’s parents whilst dealing with their own emotions about the situation.

It can be difficult to know how to support the baby’s parents at this time and what support is also available for you as family and friends.

How can Bliss help?

Bliss is here to provide support to the wider family and friends as well as the baby’s parents. We offer a range of support services, including an email support service and many useful publications.

Find out more information about these services

It can be a challenging time when you know a loved one in special care and this can be especially tough if you’re not able to have your questions answered or get information on their condition.

You may find it helpful to contact our e-mail support service. We can talk through with you what it’s like on a neonatal unit and answer any general questions you have about what’s likely to be happening.

How can I support the parents?

Some parents can find it difficult to update those close to them on their baby’s condition, and can find it overwhelming if lots of people are asking them how their baby is.

They might find it easier to have one contact person who they can update, and for this person to share the information with the rest of the family and close friends.

Offering to do this can mean one less thing for the parents to think about, and can help keep concerned family members updated about the baby’s condition. It can also help you to feel like you are doing something to help.

You may find it useful to speak to the baby’s parents and offer to help them in other ways.

Sorting out day-to-day tasks such as food shopping, washing or picking up other children from school can really ease the pressure on parents and allow them to spend more time with their children. They will be able to let you know what they would find most useful and supportive at this time.

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