Cot-side Support

Bliss champion on a unit talking to parents with mum holding the baby

Our Bliss Champions volunteer in hospitals throughout England, Wales, and Scotland. They are there to offer a listening ear when you might need it most.

What do Bliss Champions do?

Bliss Champions offer emotional support, as well as directing you to information which might be helpful.

Champions spend a couple of hours a week supporting parents in the neonatal unit. You should be able to find out when their shift is by checking on the Bliss noticeboard or asking a member of staff.

Who is it for?

This service can be accessed by anyone who has a baby on one of the units where our Champions volunteer.

If your unit does not have a cot-side Champion, you can still receive support by making an appointment to speak with one of our online Bliss Champions.

How can it help?

During this particularly isolating time it can help to know you are not alone. Our friendly, supportive, and approachable volunteers support hundreds of families in the neonatal unit each month.

Speaking with our trained volunteers can help you to feel less isolated, more confident, and help you to understand and be more involved in your baby’s neonatal care.

When you are ready to talk, they are here for you.

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