Transforming Loss Conference

Close up of baby's hand holding the finger of a parent

This annual conference is proudly hosted by Bliss, Sands, and The Royal College of Midwives.

It is firmly established as the leading educational event within the UK, improving the knowledge base of health professionals to better respond to critical illness, loss and bereavement in the delivery of maternity and neonatal care.

In the 11 years the conference has been running there have been some significant improvements in bereavement services across the UK, much of which can be attributed to the passion and determination of those who attend the conference.

However, there is still much work to do. The establishment of the National Bereavement Care Pathway in 2017 was an important step forward for bereavement care in England and implementing the pathway is now recognised as a priority by bereavement staff, charities and professional bodies alike.

Therefore, it has been decided that the Transforming Loss conference will be removed from the English calendar in 2020 so that time and resources can be redirected into supporting health staff and embedding the National Bereavement Care Pathway.

COVID-19 is having impact on the networking and support opportunities available to health care professionals, however, we continue to work to support those working with bereaved families. Currently we are working to develop further resources to support practice. Please follow Sands, Bliss and RCM on social media for further announcements.

For details on the National Bereavement Care Pathway, please visit