Parent-to-Parent: Expressing

Feeding milk through tube

Parents share their tips on expressing and supporting their partners.

Nat says: “Relax, eat plenty, drink plenty and ask for support if you need it.”

Rebecca says: “Having my baby’s blanket and being able to smell her made a huge difference to supply. If at home I would get comfortable and snuggle into her blanket whilst expressing.”

Sarah says: “Use it as a bit of time for you. Take some music, TV or a book.”

Lauren says: “I would see other mums with more than triple what I could manage, and I would get so disheartened. Other mums need to know that there’s nothing wrong with them. If you can’t manage, don’t blame yourself.”

James says: “Helping with little things like cleaning pump equipment can go a long way.”

Kirsty says: “I used to sit with one of the other mums while expressing and have a good talk about everything we were going through.”

Catrin says: “My partner fully supported me. It was the little things like making me feel relaxed, reassuring me when I thought I was failing and making sure I was eating and drinking properly, that made all the difference.”

Michael says: “I helped as much as I could by getting everything ready as well as staying up with her through the night while she was doing it.”

Laura says: “If I went to express, [my husband] would always sit with our son so he wasn't alone, and I liked to know that his daddy was there.”