Feeding your baby on the neonatal unit can be different to what you had planned, but you can still find the best way of feeding for you and your baby. Find out more about the different options here.

Before your baby was born, you probably dreamed about what it would be like to hold and feed them. You may have already decided how you were going to feed your baby, but now that your baby is in neonatal care unit, you may need to adjust your plans.

Feeding can be a very stressful time for parents of premature babies. It is often a huge source of anxiety and concern. It is important to remember that all babies will develop at their own pace and should always be cared for as individuals.

In the womb, your baby will have got all of his or her nutrients and fluid via the placenta and umbilical cord. When a baby is delivered prematurely, he or she will need to receive these nutrients in a combination of ways, depending on his or her maturity and health.

This section of the website contains information about the different feeding methods that may be used for your baby. 

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