Bliss Baby Charter FAQs

Take a look through our frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Bliss Baby Charter.

How does it work?

  • The Bliss Baby Charter is a series of audits that your team complete to self-assess the quality of your family-centred approach to care.
  • You will complete an initial self-assessment of your practice, using the audit spreadsheet, and from this make plans for improvement. 
  • Bliss will offer you feedback on your first audit and action plan and you will then work to embed your plans for improvement before re-assessing your practice in a follow-up audit.

How does it fit with a family integrated model of care? 

In order for true family integrated care to become embedded on a neonatal unit, the foundations of high quality family-centred care must first be in place.

The Bliss Baby Charter acts as a precursor for family integrated care. It recommends a range of family-centred practices including, but not limited to:

  • Ensuring unrestricted parental access and involvement in daily cares.
  • Providing access to psychosocial support for parents and siblings.
  • Developing unit facilities to keep parents and their baby together.
  • Actively engaging parents in all of the decision making processes for their baby.    

How long does it take?

There is no set time period for completing the Bliss Baby Charter. Every unit is different and will implement their changes at a different rate. On average though it takes a unit two years from submitting their first audit to achieving Bliss accreditation.

How much does it cost? 

Nothing - it is free for you to complete! Bliss covers the costs incurred. 

How will Bliss support us?

We are on hand to support you throughout your Bliss Baby Charter journey. You will benefit from:

  • A designated Bliss contact who will provide you with regular support and feedback
  • Key audit resources
  • Access to our best practice bank
  • Peer to peer support
  • Access to free Bliss Baby Charter workshops
  • Recommendations of training opportunities

Contact the Bliss Baby Charter team at any time at 

What about if we have achieved BFI Accreditation?

Please let us know if you have achieved Unicef Baby Friendly maternity/neonatal accreditation. During an assessment visit we will ask you to provide us with the relevant documents for your BFI Accreditation. Please also provide us with evidence in your Bliss audit of what your unit is doing against each standard.

How will our unit become accredited? 

  • When your unit are operating at a rating of 90% or more across each of the seven principles, an assessment visit will be arranged. 
  • You will be visited by Bliss representatives, healthcare professional assessors and a parent assessor. 
  • The assessment team will complete a tour of the unit, review relevant documentation and interview staff and parents.
  • Following the assessment visit there will be a panel meeting to decide if your unit are ready for accreditation. 

What if our first assessment visit isn't successful? 

Not to worry - you will have the opportunity to have more assessments until your unit is ready for accreditation.

How are our achievements celebrated?

When you achieve Bliss Baby Charter accreditation you will get:

  • An award visit and a plaque for display on your unit
  • A written report which outlines key achievements
  • A feature on our website
  • Potential media coverage

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How long do we stay accredited? 

Bliss Baby Charter accreditation lasts for three years. After this time you will be re-assessed.