Our Impact

Everything we do at Bliss is focused on giving babies the best chance of survival and quality of life. Find out about our latest work that's making a difference to babies.

Latest achievements

Empowering parents every day

95% of parents would recommend our information*

*based on our survey

We produced lots of new information for parents in 2017 to 2018, including weaning your premature baby. The majority of parents told us they felt confident, less alone, more informed, and empowered after reading it.

We also launched a brand new website and online shop to make accessing our information much easier.

I didn't know where to start with weaning my baby. I now feel more informed and ready to look for signs that my baby may be ready.


Around 83% of parents received good support from Bliss Champions

*based on our survey

We are so proud of our volunteers who support parents on the neonatal unit. This year we created an online platform to support them through training, as well as hosting four bereavement masterclasses to ensure they can confidently support parents who lose their baby.

Sarah shares how a Bliss Champion supported her

Read How I was supported by a Bliss volunteer - Sarah's story

Raising standards of care

We're working with more than 80% of neonatal units

The pioneering Bliss Baby Charter puts parents at the heart of their babies’ care on the unit – which is linked to improved outcomes for babies. More than 80% of neonatal units across the UK are signed up to the charter and improvements made at those units in 2017 to 2018 reached over 82,000 babies.

Learn how the charter benefits babies at Frimley Park Hospital – the third unit in the country to be awarded by Bliss for exceptional care.

Standing up for babies

Our campaigning means fewer families in Scotland will be kept apart

Bliss Scotland found that a lack of accommodation for parents on neonatal units, as well as extra costs such as travel, meant that families could not be with their baby as often as they wanted to be. We called on the Scottish Government to do something and our campaign led to a £1.5 million fund to help parents with travel, food and parking expenses.

We also completed our series of reports looking in depth at neonatal care in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our latest campaign calls on the government to take account of neonatal care in long-term NHS plans.

Investing in babies' futures

We launched a new fund for neonatal research

Our supporters kick started our Neonatal Research Fund by donating over £10,000 to look at improving bonding between babies and parents, studying neurodevelopment, and the most effective ways of judging whether a baby is feeling pain.

Read more about our research fund.

Bliss should be proud of the way they have approached research, it is a shining example for all other organisations that fund research