Cause Related Marketing

Baby wearing resuable nappy by Close Parent company, with launchday and Bliss and company logos on the image

Bliss is the leading UK charity for premature and sick babies. Linking your product to our brand will help you reach a wider audience and enhance your reputation.

By associating your product or company with Bliss your brand will benefit from our well established networks of parents and supporters.

Supporting our work to give every premature or sick baby the best chance of survival will help enhance your brand's reputation among your key audience.

Creating a partnership with Bliss can also improve how your customers feel towards your company or product.

Why choose us?

We are the leading UK charity for babies born premature or sick. Your support will make a real difference to over 300 babies admitted to neonatal care every day.

We have excellent social networks and PR opportunities that can help you reach your target audience. Our corporate team will provide ongoing support and insights to help you get the most from your goals.

You'll benefit from our well established brand and be able to use our logo on marketing and packaging.

We currently have a CRM relationship with Mothercare and Close Parent.

We also feature many partner products and promotions in our online shop. Take a look to see how your product could be featured.

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To speak to one of the corporate team for more information please call us on 020 7378 1122 or email us below.