Rex's Precious Star Fund

Jennie holding her son Rex, who is in an incubator in NICU

Jennie started a Precious Star Fund for her son Rex, who passed away five days after he was born.

Rex’s Fund page is a place for Jennie and her friends and family to light candles and leave messages.

Jennie says, “For me it’s a way that ensures that his name is always there for us. We remember him and light candles and read what others put. It’s nice to know that even though Rex wasn’t with us for long his name and impact on others is there for eternity.”

Jennie and her family do other things to commemorate Rex, too. They knit for their local NICU, and make donations to Rex’s Precious Star Fund on his birthday and at Christmas.

Jennie would also like to do some fundraising events in the future, but she’s been kept busy by the birth of Rex’s little brother!

Jennie says that Rex’s Precious Star Fund is “a wonderful idea to be able to look at to remind us of all the people who care.”

Open a Precious Star Fund in the name of your baby

A Precious Star Fund is a wonderful and lasting way to remember someone special.
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Close up of baby's hand holding the finger of a parent
Rex in an incubator, being gently touched by his mum and his dad

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