“Motherhood is a beautiful feeling” - Mubeen’s story

Mubeen 1

Mubeen shares her experience of having premature twins born at 32 weeks in Burnley General Hospital.

My journey started in June when I got married to a beautiful soul - my lovely husband Usman. Soon after my marriage, I conceived and was pregnant with twin baby boys. I got my UK study visa and after exactly six months of our marriage, we came to the UK.

My pregnancy was not easy - It was a painful and roller coaster journey. I really struggled with morning nausea, vomiting, lower abdominal pains, and couldn’t sleep for many nights.

The doctor gave me a due date of the end of February but because I had few complications in my pregnancy, they decided that I needed to have my babies earlier. All of my pain resulted in a very beautiful journey and I had a c-section on 8 February 2022. My babies were born at 32 weeks old and were so tiny.

Mubeen 2

I named my kids Muhammad Ali and Muhammad Hussain. I was so happy to see my babies, although they were born premature and needed to go straight to the NICU. Initially, they were incubated struggling to survive. They were so brave and strong souls every day is coming with progress. Motherhood is a beautiful feeling.

Within one month they were able to have their bottle feed and gained enough weight to move to their home. We were very excited to take them home. Soon the day came when the NICU staff informed us that my kids were ready for us to take them home. It was a supportive journey by the Burnley NICU staff and I am thankful to them for their support and help. It was an emotional and extremely cooperative journey.

Mubeen 3

Be brave, it may be hard initially but you can handle it.