“I love meeting people who also were born prematurely and supporting others” - Jasmine’s story #ByYourSide

Jasmine in the incubator in 1997

Jasmine weighed just 2lb 10oz when she was born 11 weeks early in 1997. For World Prematurity Day 2023, we're celebrating everything she has achieved.

I have autism and dyspraxia. I was diagnosed when I was 16 - I found school very difficult and struggled with communication. I have always thought positively since I was little and always have said I will achieve anything; it just takes a little longer due to my disabilities.

I love helping others and charities - I have raised money for Bliss and little princess trust and make a wish UK and others. I love making others smile. Since a child my favourite song is S Club 7’s ‘Reach for the Stars’.

In May 2022 I went to Buckingham Palace to get my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. This was a once in a lifetime time experience - I was so proud of myself, as it took a lot of time and I had a lot of support doing it.

I wanted to achieve to prove to everyone despite challenges or disabilities you can achieve anything as long as you never give up. As I was born premature, I think I’m definitely a fighter. When I was younger I used to get called smiler as I always smiled at everyone.

In June 2022 I became a Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) UK Youth Ambassador and this again was an amazing experience. I have learned new skills, gained confidence and went to various events and met various famous people. I'm always going to support DofE an amazing organisation who are so inclusive.

I started my driving lessons also in June 2022 as I want to be independent and keep achieving. I have always had the dream of working at a special needs school in June 2023 I got a full time job at special needs school in Wolverhampton. I'm so happy as I love supporting children and young people. Despite their challenges I want to help them achieve anything. It's going amazingly - I love it.

I love crafting, doing diamond painting and making various items. Another hobby I have is walking with my dog Winston. My conditions sometimes make me tired but I keep smiling. I love meeting other people who also were born premature and supporting others.

A recent photo of Jasmine as she goes to collect her Duke of Edinburgh award