“I found the Bliss website so I could read and prepare myself for what was about to unfold” - Richard’s story

Richard 1

Richard’s baby boy Hugo spent ten days in NICU. In his story, he shares how the Bliss website helped him during their neonatal journey, and the importance of celebrating every milestone.

After receiving an urgent message from my wife at 7 am I got to the hospital too late to see her before birth. I was told she had been rushed into surgery and there were complications with my son.

After several hours of being sat on my own in a side room still did not know how my wife was, or know that my son had been born, and I didn't know about the various complications. A lady popped her head in and told me some hospital jargon, but I had no idea what she meant.

By this point, I was worried sick and so I did the thing you’re not ever meant to do; I googled what I thought the nurse had said. So many things came up: rupture, NICU, some horrible stories and I was absolutely terrified!

However I then found the Bliss website, so I could read and prepare myself a little for what was about to unfold.

After another hour later, my wife returned into the room, still unconscious, followed by the surgeon. He explained that Lucy had ruptured during the morning and the baby was in distress kicking about in her stomach. They had to do an emergency operation and then gave CPR to my son for 12 minutes.

Richard 2

Hugo was now on a cooling mat and was being looked after in the NICU. Reading Bliss' information meant that I was so much more prepared and a few moments later, I was able to explain everything to a very confused Lucy when she came round. I showed Lucy the Bliss website and everything felt a little more reassuring.

We spent the next ten days in the NICU with Hugo, but now, two and half years later, Hugo is perfect. He is so, so amazing.

I still haven’t been able to speak too much about my ordeal and the hospital never offered any counselling to Lucy or myself.

My advice for parents would be to celebrate every little milestone because those milestones are now more massive than ever!

Good days will come for you, as these babies are fighters.

Richard 3