Resuscitation training

A nurse on the neonatal unit supporting two parents sitting down on chairs with Father holding and looking at his baby,

Having resuscitation training can help you be more prepared to care for your premature or sick baby after leaving the neonatal unit.

Before you leave the neonatal unit, a trained doctor or nurse will show you how to resuscitate your baby if they stop breathing.

The thought of having to resuscitate your baby can be very scary, and is something that no parent or carer ever wants to have to do or think about. But the training is designed to help you be as prepared as possible.

Research suggests that learning how to resuscitate your baby could help increase your confidence and reduce any anxiety you may have.

If your baby stops breathing, it is important to stay calm and call 999; the emergency call handler will help. If you need to perform CPR on your baby, the call handler will talk you through the process until the ambulance arrives.

We have more information on what to do if you think your baby is becoming unwell.

We are currently reviewing our resuscitation video and will upload the new version later this year. Until then, our friends at the St John's Ambulance have an instructional video about what to do if your baby stops breathing.