Mystery do-gooder donates 300 Bliss bears to Salisbury District Hospital

Posted on August 09, 2018

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The donor said she wants every baby in the neonatal unit at Salisbury to know that there are people around them, sometimes unknown, who wish to bring them joy in life.

An anonymous donor has given 300 teddy bears to Salisbury District Hospital to make sure that every baby born premature or sick will have their own first bear.

The donor, who lives locally, purchased the bears from Bliss to also contribute towards our vital work.

The bears were delivered to the neonatal unit at Salisbury District Hospital this week.

Chief Executive of Bliss Caroline Lee-Davey said: “We are thrilled that we have been able to assist this generous donor in providing so many babies with such a meaningful gift. The vital funds received from the purchase of the bears will help us to reach babies across the UK through our work.”

The anonymous donor said: “My family, friends and colleagues have witnessed the miracle of taking home a premature baby after weeks or months of nurture and care by amazing neonatal staff. Supported by charities like Bliss they have been better able to cope as a family with the ups and downs of the journey together.

“It is only a tiny gesture, but I would love each premature and sick baby in the Salisbury neonatal unit this year to have their own little teddy, always there to hug, and to show them that there are often people around them, sometimes unknown to them, who wish to bring them joy in life.”

Geoffrey Dunning, Neonatal Clinical Lead, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust said: “The neonatal unit are incredibly grateful for this kind donation of teddy bears. This will mean that all the babies will have a bear as soon as they arrive on the neonatal unit, which will go some way to easing a very difficult and stressful time for our families.”