Bliss launches limited edition info pack

Posted on November 16, 2018


In partnership with Hallmark and Good Morning Britain for World Prematurity Day Bliss is launching an information pack to support parents. Money raised from the sale of Hallmark's cards for premature and sick babies has been used to create these packs.

In July this year we announced the release of Hallmark’s new range of greetings cards designed especially for parents with a baby on the neonatal unit. With proceeds from the new collection of cards generously donated to Bliss, we’ve created a limited edition information pack for parents.

The new pack launching today follows the launch of Bliss’ new information on mental health and has been created ahead of World Prematurity Day taking place on 17 November. The new information pack features the supportive message ‘you’ve got this and we’ve got you’ and includes a number of Bliss information resources inside. We want all parents on the neonatal unit, whatever their experience, to know that they are not alone.

Front cover of the info pack

We hope that the information inside each package will support parents by helping them have a better understanding of neonatal care, and recognise the importance of taking care of their own mental health. Parents given this new pack will be able to read information aimed to help them on their first few days on the neonatal unit.

One of the resources included ‘About neonatal care,’ is a booklet written to answer the questions parents might have when they first arrive. It explains to parents how neonatal care works, who they might see on the unit, what equipment does, the care their baby might get and how they can parent their baby on the unit. It also has helpful ideas for getting more support, and includes places to write down questions, thoughts and notes about how they might be feeling.

To support parents’ mental health the pack also includes Bliss’ new mental health information card that gives parents tips on how to look after their mental health whilst on the neonatal unit. It acknowledges the challenges parents might be facing and gives ideas from other parents such as ‘get fresh air and natural light’ that might help.

This info card signposts parents to more information and support from Bliss, including our new podcast- NICU, SCBU and you. In our first episode ‘Neonatal care and parents’ mental health’ we talk to parents about their experiences and challenges with looking after their mental health whilst their baby was in neonatal care, and also a health professional working to support parents.

You can view all the resources included in the pack and find further information on our online shop, where packs can be ordered whilst stocks last.

Listen to our podcast - NICU, SCUBU and you.

Hear the experiences of parents talking openly about their mental health on the unit, how they faced challenges, and how you can get more support from health professionals.
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