Leap for Bliss 2024 - FAQs

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These are the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about our Leap for Bliss 2024 challenge.

How do I sign up to Leap for Bliss?

To sign up to our Leap for Bliss challenge, register via our website. Once you’ve registered, don’t forget to join our Facebook Group and come and say hello!

Is there an entry fee to sign up?

There is no entry fee for this challenge but we do however ask you to fundraise as part of your challenge. You can set up a JustGiving fundraising page in a few seconds. And then it’s really easy to share the page with your friends and family!

Can I order a t-shirt?

Once you have registered and activated your JustGiving fundraiser, you can order a t-shirt via our website. Check your Leap for Bliss welcome email for an exclusive 50% discount code!

What is a JustGiving fundraiser?

A fundraising page which you set-up and run within JustGiving.

How do I share it with my friends?

As soon as you set it up, you will be giving the option to share you page. Then you can post updates on your social media pages and more of your friends will see it. The more you post, the more people will see it, and the closer you’ll get to your goal.

How do my friends donate?

There is a donate button on the JustGiving fundraiser, which is simple and quick to use.

What is the best way to raise more money with JustGiving fundraisers?

Make it personal and make it fun! Post regular updates on your fundraising page to make people feel involved in your challenge. Post videos. Post selfies. Tag friends. The more likes and comments, the more money you will raise so be as creative as you can be!

Can I just raise money offline with a sponsorship form?

Absolutely. You can collect sponsorship in any way you like. We simply recommend using a JustGiving fundraiser for this challenge, but if you’d like a sponsorship form, you can download one here.

What do I do if I don't complete the challenge?

The only thing that matters is that you challenge yourself. Do as much as you can. Every hour helps.

“It didn’t feel like just doing a fundraiser, it felt like being part of a community. We were undertaking the challenge together and being Bliss parents, we know how to rise to a challenge!"

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Raised money offline?

The easiest way is to donate it directly to your JustGiving fundraiser.💸If you have received money after your fundraiser has ended, please pay this money through our website here 👇👇

Please make sure you say that it is sponsorship money from an event, and use the name and e-mail address that you registered with.

You can also post a cheque and your completed sponsorship forms to: Bliss Events Team, 1st Floor North, 10-18 Union Street, London, SE1 1SZ.💙