Parent support

If you've had a premature or sick baby we have information to support you.


Questions about the virus and your premature or sick baby?

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Nurse with her back to camera looking after a baby in a cot, surrounded by lots of medical equipment
In hospital

Find information about neonatal care, what happens on a neonatal unit and how you can get involved in your baby’s care.

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At home

The first few months at home with your baby can be challenging. Find tips and information to help.

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Common parent concerns

Your stories

Sleepless nights - Hannah's story

Hannah's son Jack was born at 29 weeks. She shares what night time was like for her both before and after her son's birth.
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Neonatal care and parents’ mental health podcast

Hear the experiences of parents talking openly about their mental health on the unit, how they faced challenges, and how you can get more support from health professionals.
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Supporting parents

Tips for changing your baby's nappy

Changing your premature or sick baby’s nappy is a great way to be involved in their care on the neonatal unit.

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Parents with nurse in unit by cot looking at their baby while the nurse provides care for the baby
Caring for your baby

Being involved in your baby’s care while they are in hospital can really help you and your baby.

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