Payroll Giving

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​Give a little through your pay, make a big difference to the UK’s most vulnerable babies

Payroll Giving is a hassle free way to give to Bliss, straight from your pay.

It’s simple to set up, no bank details are required, and you can give to any number of UK charities.

Just fill in a simple online form, we’ll then contact your employer and set up the payments.

Give as much or as little as you like and when you want to stop, just tell your employer.

It gets even better. Payroll Giving donations are taken from your pre-tax pay so they cost you at least 25% less – it’s the most efficient way to give to charity.

So every pay day, for the cost of a weekly regular-size coffee*, you’ll be helping the 100,000 babies born needing neonatal care each year in the UK.

*based on a donation of £2.25 per week which costs you £1.60 from your monthly or weekly pay before tax.

How it works

  • You give to Bliss each month automatically from your pay
  • All you need do is fill out the online form and we’ll take care of the rest
  • Anyone can join if they pay tax on their salary or pension through PAYE.
  • Once you have joined the scheme we’ll send you occasional updates from Bliss to show how your donations make a difference to babies born premature or sick.
  • As a thank you we’ll send one of our My First Bliss Bears when you give through your pay to Bliss.
Scuby And Inky Payroll Giving Thank You Gift

(We will send you a bear once we've received three months of donations and provided you give us your address on registration)

Helen from East Midlands has given to Bliss through her pay for 5 years “I knew I wouldn't miss a small amount every month but over the year it would all add up and over many years it would really make a difference!"

Sign up

  • It’s a stress-free way of giving to Bliss. There are no direct debits or standing orders to set up and no bank details change hands
  • Your time is precious! Not everyone has time to trek Hadrian’s wall, bake a cupcake or volunteer at a local unit. Payroll giving is the perfect way to help poorly babies.
  • Your contributions are deducted before tax. So, if you’re giving £10 a month, this means only £8 is deducted from your take-home pay. Find out more about the tax breaks here.

“I’d advise anyone thinking of setting up a payroll gift to go for it! It's a really easy way to donate, once set up you don't have to do anything, it takes care of itself.”

Set up your gift with your employer

If you prefer to speak directly to your employer, please print a copy of the online form and give this to your payroll department. If your employer does not have a scheme in place, how about asking them to set one up? Just direct them to the Institute of Fundraising payroll giving section for information on how to do this or call Hands On Payroll Giving on 01433 651972.