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Campaigning with Bliss is a great way to make a difference to babies born premature or sick and their families.

There are lots of ways you can campaign with us, and you are welcome to do as much or as little as you like – even small contributions can make a massive difference.

Online campaigning

Campaigning online is the quickest and easiest way to get involved. By signing up to join our network, your voice will be heard alongside the voices of thousands of others, all working to make our campaigns stronger.

You’ll receive regular email updates full of campaign news and opportunities to get involved: from writing to your local politicians, inputting your views into Bliss' policy responses, to taking part in surveys and social media campaigns.

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Add your voice and support our campaigns to help make a difference to babies born premature or sick and their families.
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Frontline campaigning

If you have a bit more time to spare, you might want to work actively in your local area to build a relationship with your local politicians and NHS Trust by joining our growing group of campaigners who work in their community.

Through this you can influence decision makers on a whole range of issues to improve support and care for babies born premature or sick.

We will support you every step of the way, and help you shape your campaigning and work out your next steps.

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Find out what other campaigners have been up to

Our campaigners are motivated to improve the care babies receive when they are in neonatal care, and to increase the support available to parents and wider families.
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