Your baby's development

Normal development in babies and young children varies tremendously. If your baby was born very prematurely, it is possible they will reach major milestones later than term babies born at the same time.

However, in some areas, premature babies may develop more quickly than term babies. 

Your baby’s development will be monitored by a paediatrician or neonatal consultant who is used to dealing with premature babies, so they will take this into account. 

Many hospitals now have developmental follow-up programmes, and you may be asked to bring your baby for regular developmental assessments. 

These should reassure you that your baby is doing well and address any concerns.

If your baby was born weighing less than 1kg or before 31 weeks, you should have an official follow-up appointment to assess their development when they are two years old. 

If you have particular concerns about development, discuss them with the health professionals still caring for your baby. Don’t forget that the term ‘normal’ covers a wide range of scenarios.

The information on this page is more than two years old