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Family-centred care

Your baby is part of your family. Your baby is precious to you, their brothers and sisters, their grandparents and the rest of the family. Everything that happens to your baby affects them too.

Family-centred care places the baby firmly in the context of the family, acknowledging that the family is the most constant influence on a baby’s development. Adjusting to parenthood while your baby is receiving special care can be difficult. Listening and learning from your baby is all part of this care.

Doctors and nurses will work with the whole family when they are caring for your baby. They understand that you know your baby best, and they will support you in caring for your baby and making informed decisions.

Family-centred care means:

  • responding to your family’s emotional and social needs.
  • giving you clear information.
  • making sure you understand your baby’s treatment and getting your consent for it.
  • showing you how to care for your baby, and over time, encouraging you to become your baby’s main carer.

Family-centred care can help you bond with your baby, and can reduce the length of your baby’s stay in hospital and improve their chances of having a healthier future.


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