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Fundraise in celebration

Giving thanks with a Bliss Sunshine Fund

It can be a real cause for celebration when a baby born premature or sick manages to make it through against the odds.

A Bliss Sunshine Fund, named after your child or your family, can make your celebration more meaningful as your fundraising helps Bliss support the 90,000 most vulnerable babies born in the UK each year.

A Sunshine Fund can be started at any time. Some people like to set one up after they bring their baby home from hospital. Others may use it to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, christening or other milestone.

How and when you fundraise is completely up to you. Whether it's a sponsored event or you contribute to your Fund with a monthly direct debit, all of your Bliss fundraising will build your Sunshine Fund.

We like to reward our fundraisers, so if your Sunshine Fund reaches £1,000 we will dedicate a tree to your child as a small thank you for your ongoing support. We hope you'll grow your Sunshine Fund over the years, just like the tree.

How we help you grow your fund

We provide a range of ways to help you grow your Fund:

  • Announcement cards to tell friends and family about your Fund
  • Balloons and stickers to give a 'Bliss' flavour to your special occasion
  • Priority notification for Bliss event places such as Ride London, London Marathon and Royal Parks Half Marathon
  • Specially-designed cards for weddings, birthdays, christenings and other occasions, to give to your guests
  • Pin badges to use as wedding favours or token gifts for guests
  • Collection boxes.

Find out more about Sunshine Funds by calling Dan on 020 7378 5740, or email

If you'd like to fundraise for Bliss, but are not sure about opening a Sunshine Fund, don't worry, we're happy for you to do that too! Contact Bob on 020 7378 5740 or email so he can send you what you need.



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